Volunteer Opportunities

 All volunteers are required to complete an annual volunteer application. Click HERE for printable version. Click HERE for online version.

TEAM Punta Gorda is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to making Punta Gorda an even better place to live, work, and play.  We work on projects vital to our community in partnership with local businesses, government, and other community organizations.  Our community is full of talented, motivated people who share the same vision.  Whether you have a little or a lot of time to contribute, we invite you to participate!  Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

Do you like to work in the garden? We have several opportunities for you!

  • Beautify Punta Gorda: This committee works collaboratively with the City of Punta Gorda to identify potential landscaping projects. Volunteer teams are organized to undertake each individual project. 
  • Community Gardens: The goal of this committee is to establish small community gardens that allow citizens to grow their own vegetables. The gardens are located throughout greater Punta Gorda.  Our largest and first organic garden is at the History Park.  This committee works collaboratively with the city of Punta Gorda and the Master Gardeners. 
  • School Gardens: The goal of this committee is to establish school gardens that give students a firsthand experience in growing their own fruits and vegetables. There are a number of school teaching gardens located throughout Punta Gorda. 


There are lots of opportunities to work on improving the bicycling experience in our community:

  • Pedal & Play in Paradise: Pedal and Play in Paradise is a highly successful annual fundraising special event which began in 2010. Pedal & Play is about having fun, but it also supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and TEAM Punta Gorda’s Bicycle Friendly Community Initiatives. We have something for everyone – the casual bike rider, more serious cyclists, mystery lovers, families, and folks who just want to tour our beautiful city and learn about its past and future.
  • Bicycle Friendly Communities: This committee represents a broad based coalition of citizens, groups and government agencies all committed to improving the bicycling & pedestrian experience in the greater Punta Gorda area. While the primary goal is safety for all, this committee is also seeking the League of American Bicyclists’ national designation of “Bicycle-Friendly Community” for greater Punta Gorda. The committee works on bicycle & pedestrian infrastructure, public education and special events.
  • Bicycle Loaner Program: The committee keeps the wheels rolling on TEAM Punta Gorda’s free-to-the-public bicycle loaner fleet. TEAM’s bicycle loaner program, in partnership with the City of Punta Gorda and supported by local businesses and private individuals, was the first such program in the State of Florida when initiated in 2010. Last year, the service provided bikes for more than 5,000 riders from 43 states, five provinces of Canada and 14 countries who explored miles of bike paths in and around the City.  There are now 48 bikes available at six locations.


If you are interested in harbor conservation, boating, and fishing, here are two committees that might be for you.

  • Maritime Committee: The maritime committee concentrates on programs and events which focus on stewardship and promotion of Charlotte Harbor and in particular, the Punta Gorda waterfront. Maritime works closely with the City of Punta Gorda and the Punta Gorda Boaters Alliance.  It is involved in harbor conservation projects in partnership with local environmental groups.  It also promotes local harbor related events to encourage boaters to visit Punta Gorda, such as the new nature and paddling event.
  • Paddle Punta Gorda:  This committee is responsible for organizing an annual
  • paddling event. Paddle Punta Gorda is about having fun kayaking our scenic waterways while being guided by local naturalists.

Are you a golfer? Help us continue to make our annual Golf Tournament a special event for golfers.

  • Golf Tournament: The annual golf tournament is TEAM’s primary fund raiser. Its profits help offset the cost of office and administrative expenses and provide funding for other committee activities that are not self-funding.  It has historically been held in March at the St. Andrew’s South Golf Club in Punta Gorda Isles but in 2016 there are some exciting changes. This committee is responsible for organizing, promoting and orchestrating the event.


Are you artistically inclined?

  • Bicycle Art: TEAM has sprinkled the city with beautifully painted works of art. If you enjoy painting and feel creative, you can get involved by painting a bike with a theme matching the bike’s planned location.


We need lots of help at TEAM in managing operations:

  • Administration: This committee is responsible for managing TEAM’s office, including the volunteer staff needed to provide a friendly face to the public. The office is located in the Charlotte Community Foundation building.  Typical office duties are a part of this committee’s responsibilities.  It also provides organizational support to committees and their events or projects.
  • Communications: The Communications Committee is responsible for internal and external communications, for advocating and protecting the TEAM brand, and for insuring that TEAM’s message is a positive and cohesive one. Our webmaster, information services coordinator and newsletter editor are included in this committee. External communications include our website, “Team Talk,” E-blast communications, social media, monthly newspaper columns, op-ed articles, and coverage of TEAM events and programs.
  • Fund Raising: Help coordinate the various and diverse fundraising strategies used to fund the work of TEAM Punta Gorda.


Are you looking for a community service opportunity?

  • Paint Your Heart Out:  Paint Your Heart Out is an annual service project done in collaboration with Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity and heavily supported by local contractors, tradesmen, businesses and service clubs.  Each year, a number of houses are painted by volunteers for homeowners who need a helping hand.  It was initiated in the spring of 2014, designed to help elderly, disabled, and needy residents while beautifying Punta Gorda. PYHO does more than paint homes.  It sends a message of pride and builds a sense of community spirit and unity that lasts long after this day of service is over. 


  • TEAM Builds: The need for affordable and workforce housing is grown, so TEAM Punta Gorda is partnering with the Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte County, Florida to build a home each winter/spring.  “TEAM Builds” breaks ground each January, completing the project within ninety days.

If government issues are one of your interests, check out this committee:

  • Government Relations: Members of this committee attend various Punta Gorda and Charlotte County board and council meetings to keep TEAM fully informed. They may also represent TEAM on city and county committees and task forces.

Are you interested in the history of Punta Gorda and having a good time? Here’s a great committee for you:

  • Founders Day Week: Each year during the first week of December, the city comes together to celebrate the founders of Punta Gorda. The local non-profits organize a variety of fund raising events. This committee is responsible for planning an event that is limited only by the creativity of its members.


If you are interested in helping others “Join the TEAM,” please consider the following ways to help:

  • Contributing Membership: This committee is responsible for increasing TEAM Punta Gorda’s contributing individual and business memberships by effectively promoting membership and communicating its advantages. A tax deductible annual contributing membership helps TEAM offset operational costs and provides financial support for worthwhile community initiatives that are not easily self-funded.
  • Outreach: This committee is responsible for various outreach functions during the year intended to raise the visibility of TEAM and its initiatives.  The TEAM mixers initiated in 2015 are a good example of an outreach event.  Another is the Downtown Punta Gorda Gallery Walk, where committee members man a table to share information about TEAM and its membership.
  • Volunteers: The volunteer coordinator is the “Welcome Wagon” for TEAM. It is the first direct connection between future volunteers and the organization.  The goal is to allow volunteers to find their niche in TEAM, to provide their time and talent whenever and however they are able.  The coordinator is also responsible for securing volunteers for specific events and activities.
  • Annual Community Meeting: The annual meeting provides an opportunity for TEAM to share with the community its accomplishments and financials, visually and in the form of an Annual Report. It also provides an occasion for volunteer recognition, and allows members, volunteers and the community at large to mix and mingle.  The committee for this event is responsible for planning the event, overseeing the program, inviting speakers, promoting, and staffing the event.

Explore some of these Team Punta Gorda Ongoing Programs.   Then let’s talk further.  Email us at teamvolunteerconnect@gmail.com or call 941-637-8326.

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